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    Originally Posted by glaceon12 View Post
    The screen shots look really nice, but you don't specify much. Like what Pokemon are you choosing to be in the game? Will the 'new' Pokemon have new moves and new movesets?
    For example, Eevee is going to be #001 in the Regional Dex and its evolutions #002 - #008. Regigigas is #245. Latias/Latios are #123 and #124 respectively. If you have good suggestions for what Pokémon you would like to see in the game, that would be great!

    As far as new moves go, I haven't learned how to do it. But the sky is the limit for me. So I am going to learn about the process and see how I can implement it into the game.
    If I am going to add new moves, that means I will need to add the 4th generation move split. I will see about that in the near future. In the Taejo/Seijo Region,
    Pokémon contains altered stats, movesets, evolutions, types, etc.

    tajaros, Thanks! Since it's a small graphical thing, I'll see how it goes with the grey colored textbox. If more people have difficulties with it, I'll be more than welcomed to change it! And yeah, I am definitely going to change the hero sprite, it's just not on my priority list right now.

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