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    Candice Greyson

    The couch managed to work just like I hoped. I saw as the lid was sent flying off, bouncing against the walls and landing over my bed so loudly that I had to cover my ears. It was a miracle that the bed didn't break from the impact. The blinking light that came out of the lid was mesmerizing. It was some sort of light that bounced from wall to wall, as if full of energy. It wouldn't stop flickering between blue, white, and the occasional sky blue color. It was so beautiful. My eyes have never seen something like this. Watching as it playfully dashed around was a waste of time, but it was worth it. Suddenly, it slowed down, revealing it's sphere-like shape. Coming to a wobbly stop right in front of me, the epileptic lights were hypnotic.

    "You're pretty cool," I managed to whisper out, my hand slowly reaching for the strange sphere of light. Right when I was about to touch it, the sphere quickly moved to the side. Blinking, I try to touch it once more, but it moved away from me again. Too curious to know how it felt like, I literally moved my hands around it, trying to get at least one touch. What ever it was, it kept avoiding my hands and refused to stay still.

    "Gah, this is futile, what am I doing?"

    I stop and stand up, glancing around. The opened lid caught my attention, wondering what could be inside...I mean, this cool sphere came out of it, so maybe there was something else inside too? Wanting to ease my curiosity, I walk over to the Cruxtruder. On my way there, I noticed that the screens now showed numbers. A bit surprised, I kneel down and stare at them. It was...a countdown? Oh woah, for what? So many questions, so little time. The main question was: what will happen once it reaches zero? From what I learned, it's always something bad, so I guess I have to hurry up. Vinnie should know about this, knowing that Veloci talks to him too.

    When I turned around, I was a bit stunned to see that the flickering sphere was following me. I attempt to touch it once more, but it evaded me again. "Well, at least you'll stick around, right? You're amazing," I speak to it, wondering if it even understood me. This reminded me of that fairy-like thing in Zelda. Forgot what they call it, but they were small and can speak and stuff, but they were annoying. If it did speak, it better not be annoying like the that Zelda thing, or else I might as well know how Link feels. Speaking of which, that sphere suddenly zoomed past me and stopped by the window. It just floated there, blinking erratically. Ignoring it, I start to walk back to the computer. Before I sat down, the sphere suddenly blocks me and continues to blink erratically. The next second, it dashed for the window again, as if leading me there. Not having any other choice, I lazily get myself to the window. Looking out, everything seemed pretty good. The yard was green, the houses clean, the streets empty, the sky blue...wait, what was that on the sky?

    "Oh great, an airplane on fire," was all I could guess from how small it was. Staring at the object that left a smoky trail somehow gave me a bit of...fear. Even worse, after switching glances between the object and floating sphere, I realized that the object was getting closer. It was then that the image of the countdown clicked in. The sphere...that airplane on fire wasn't here before the sphere came, so it was connected? The laptop suddenly beeped out a notification. Somebody was pestering me? Must be Vinnie I guess, who knows.

    Getting myself on the laptop, the first thing I saw was the color pink. "Oh no. Why pink?!" I grimaced at the stranger. "I'll have to talk to Vieve about this soon." The chumhandle was unknown to me, making me wonder if it was one of Veloci's friends. Forcing myself to ignore the pink, which was hard by the way, I read what this person has to say.

    -- cunningFrauder began pestering archaicMiracle --
    CF: Hello, honey~
    CF: You are so different! :}
    CF: Well, anyways~ Since VC apparently has fallen asleep, I'm here to make sure you survive.
    CF: That blinking thing is called the kernelsprite and its your new friend!
    CF: There's some business you should do with the cruxtruder now, I guess. It's ticking down, you see?
    CF: But the kernelsprite is more fun so let's focus on that~!
    CF: You need to PROTOTYPE it now, honey. It's when you throw something at it and cause it to merge with that thing.
    CF: Then the kernelsprite will turn into your new BEST friend~!
    CF: But don't use anything too dangerous. Or too lame, for that matter. It's a fine balance!
    CF: Actually, it's preferable to use something that resembles a living thing. Or used to be a living thing. Or even is a living thing, I guess.
    CF: Come on, prototype it with something~

    AM: Glad to know I'm different.
    AM: A friend? It sure doesn't like being touched.
    AM: And I guess I'll try out something I have right now to throw.
    AM: Be back when I managed to throw something there.

    With that said, I turn and immediately take out the wallet with the pink cards. I have the perfect candidate for this. Apparently what ever I throw at it, something will happen to the flickering sphere, so maybe if I throw something I know could be Mr. Fluffly. MR. FLUFFLY. PERFECT. Without hesitation, I follow the orders of some stranger I've never seen or talked to in my life and take out Mr. Fluffly from the pink card.

    Lifting Mr.Fluffly, my eyes follow the path of the kernelsprite. It seemed very bouncy, and wouldn't stop dashing around. The countdown was already down to 7:43, which got me a bit worried. I'm wasting time here, all because I'm so slow. With my eyes on the target, I make a small dash and slap Mr.Fluffly against the kernelsprite. Jumping back to get some distance, unsure of what was going to happen, I look up and...