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    Okay, I was going to log in and post this before I started but, I did still follow the requirements for the Single game monotype.

    I'm doing Grass, there's only a total of 6 different grass pokemon before the Elite Four (this is in Pearl)

    So far Team is-
    Torterra- Level 32
    Budew- Level 29

    I've made it to Veilstone (I ran to Pastoria just to see if I could get a Carnivine, going to have to wait another day) as of now I'm waiting for the honey trees to give me both a Burmy (female preferably) and a Cherubi.

    Proper registration. Forgot this. lol

    Username: Greenmoon1996
    Single or Ultimate: Single
    Game: Pearl
    Monotype: Grass
    (Final) Team: Torterra, Roserade, Carnivine, Wormadam, Cherrim, and Abomasnow
    I just beat my rival (with the common hate name) at Hearthome. Oh forgot to mention all of my Pokemon will be named "Bruno <3" Okay. Did I miss anything?

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