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Jumping back to get some distance, unsure of what is going to happen, you look up and see how the blinking Kernelsprite - in a blinding flash of light - sucks up your dear Mr. Fluffy. When your eyes can see again, the Kernelsprite still blinks in black, white and sky blue, but it looks different. It's the same size but instead of just a floating ball, it now is a panda bear head, smiling gently towards you.

AM: Glad to know I'm different.
AM: A friend? It sure doesn't like being touched.
AM: And I guess I'll try out something I have right now to throw.
AM: Be back when I managed to throw something there.

CF: Glad that you're different?
CF: Oh my, this will be more interesting than I thought :}
CF: Anyways, congratulations!
CF: It looks like you just created the fluffysprite~

It doesn't seem to be able to talk or make as much as a sound, though. Well, that's useful... not. But indeed, you have created the FLUFFYSPRITE. As such, the Kernelsprite now behaves a bit more calmly, almost overprotectively.

CF: I guess the fun is over, then, and we have to do the boring stuff.
CF: ... Or maybe we can spice things up a little first~! To make it more fun.
CF: Did you notice that thing smoking in the sky just now?
CF: If you take a look again, you will probably see that it's not only smoking. It's burning :}
CF: See, it's a meteor. And it's heading right towards you. About to go BOOM!
CF: Isn't it exciting~!?
CF: Do you want to live, Candice, honey? Do you want me to help you? :}



"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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