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    Originally Posted by The_Show View Post
    Hi guys. I made a simple trainer battle script where if the trainer sees you, he walks up to you and battles you. (POKEMON RUBY, XSE)


    #dynamic 0x6B0C6E

    #org @start
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x2B7 0x0 @before @after
    msgbox @beaten 0x6

    #org @before
    = Do you got my money?

    #org @after
    = [blue_rs]is my special color

    #org @beaten
    = good job.

    However, the moment he walks up to you, the game imediately goes to the title screen without saving your game. (you know, the title screen that says PRESS START) I'm not sure what I did wrong. Also if it helps:

    I am using Advance map 1.95. In the "TRAINER $00" box I put "TRAINER $01" and the "VIEW RADIUS $0000" box I put "VIEW RADIUS $0006"
    Please help good people of pokecommunity
    From looking at it, I could only guess that it could be to do with the dynamic offset.
    Try not to use any dynamic offsets lower then #dynamic 0x800000.
    It could possibly be that the dynamic offset is interfering with another offset that is causing the game to restart.

    Apart from that, I don't know. I'm a bit rusty at PokeHacking
    Currently working on a new Pokemon Hack with an in-depth story line!
    That's about as much as you're going to get for now...