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    Episode 1
    • Chose Mushu the Charmander as my starter.
    • Defeated Gary in professor Oak's lab and got Oak's parcel.
    • Trained Mushu a bit and defeated Gary again when I went to check out the Pokémon League.
    • Mushu practically burned Viridian Forest down with Ember.
    • Defeated Brock with Mushu's Metal Claw.
    • Easily defeated some trainers on my way to Mt.Moon where I caught my second team member, Goomba the Paras.
    • I trained Goomba and traveled through Mt.Moon, choosing the Dome Fossil even though I won't use it.
    • Once in Cerulean City, I decided to go to Bill but Gary wanted to have a battle first, I defeated him and took out the trainers on the Nugget Bridge getting a nugget as prize.
    • After that I went to defeat Misty, leaving some trainers to fight for when I get my two next team members.
    • I thought Misty would be difficult with Mushu and he was defeated quite fast, but with a stealthy combination of Goomba's Poisonpowder and Leech Life Misty was defeated.


    Mushu the Relaxed Charmeleon (M) @ Lv. 23
    Ability: Blaze
    Item: None
    Metal Claw

    Goomba the Lax Paras (M) @ Lv. 20
    Ability: Effect Spore
    Item: None
    Stun Spore
    Leech Life
    In Progress

    SR - Venusaur (Leaf Green, Soul Silver), Charizard (Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black, X), Blastoise (Blue), Butterfree (Fire Red, Gold), Pidgeot (Fire Red), Raticate (Leaf Green), Arbok (Heart Gold), Raichu (X), Clefable (Fire Red), Dugtrio (Fire Red), Golduck (Fire Red, Ruby), Arcanine (Leaf Green), Poliwrath (Fire Red), Victreebel (Ruby), Golem (Sapphire), Weezing (Blue), Rhyhorn (Emerald), Mr. Mime (X), Pinsir (Red), Vaporeon (Platinum), Omastar (Leaf Green), Zapdos (Red, Silver, Sapphire), Mew (Fire Red, Silver), Typhlosion (Leaf Green), Feraligatr (X), Houndoom (Leaf Green), Suicune (Fire Red), Tyranitar (Leaf Green), Ho-Oh (X), Swampert (Fire Red, Sapphire), Exploud (Diamond), Torkoal (Fire Red), Absol (Leaf Green, Ruby), Kyogre (Fire Red), Infernape (Black), Abomasnow (Black), Chesnaught (X)
    MC - Red (Fire Red, Ruby, Platinum), Yellow (White 2)
    MT - Bug (Fire Red), Grass (Platinum), Normal (X), Rock (Soul Silver), Steel (Platinum)
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