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    Meep (Entei Dorm Lobby)

    As Meep watched the Skitty take her bag from Fluffernut and drag it over to a nearby group of people and Pokemon, he let out a heavy sigh and rubbed his eyes.

    "Looks like our job is done, guys," Meep announced to his Pokemon. "I don't know about any of you, but I'm exhausted from all of this traveling. I think we should get back to the Suicune Dorms and get... some... huh? Where did Fluffernut-"

    Before he finished his sentence, he impulsively spun around to find that Fluffernut had wandered over to the other group and proceeded to show off his juggling act. With a quick palm to the face, he briskly walked over as well.

    "I'm sorry, everyone," Meep apologized to the group. "We didn't mean to interrupt your discussion. It's just that Fluffernut here... Well, let's just say he can be a bit TOO friendly at times."

    Ignoring what his trainer had just said, Fluffernut pulled off two more dense wool balls from his coat, increasing his total juggling ball count to seven without remotely losing any focus.
    The Pokémon Trainer Academy

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