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    Not quite completed yet; don't forget, the goal is to capture all the legendary Pokemon. Mewtwo and the birds await.

    @ myrrhman: I wanted to include those as well, but I had to make the rules quick, and including a list of Pokemon outside the regular types that show up once or twice would have taken too much space. Still, since they are used by Team Rocket, you can treat those as an exception if you'd like.

    I suppose I should include an update on my own progress. I've defeated the Sinnoh Elite Four, mostly thanks to Golem using Explosion against Cynthia's team, and have begun my hunt for the legendaries of the region. Azelf and Uxie were first, but Mesprit, apparently detecting its brothers' capture, fled from me. I'm chasing it across the region now.

    Stark Mountain proved tiring, as I had to best every trainer scattered across it before moving to the central chamber, but Heatran is now mine as well. Having captured it, I moved on to Turnback Cave for Giratina, who was by far the most stubborn one I fought, but he too eventually fell before me. It helped that my Misdreavus and Persian could switch in and out to block all its attacks.

    For Regigigas, I had to request backup from the Hoenn branch of Team Rocket, but they sent the three Regis my way. With them in hand, I made my way to find Regigigas, and captured it shortly after it got its act together. Fortunately, by that time it had worn itself out with repeated uses of Superpower, making it weak enough to catch.