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Lucy -
Lucy just sort of casual shrugged off the thanks and praise as if it weren't a big deal whatsoever, perhaps oblivious to how big a deal saving someone's /life/ actually was. In a world like this, it was hard to remember that someone's life had actual value. And then the boy exclaimed that they shouldn't travel together. Huh... well, that was fine with her she guessed. Trust was difficult, and she wasn't going to bother trying to convince him otherwise. Despite her willingness to battle off a bunch of adults, he still was just a stranger. She could've walked away right then and there if Creed hadn't continued.

...He... he would enjoy listening to them what now? An offended expression creeped onto her face, and one of fear as well. See, it was double entendres like that that occasionally made her avoid men. How did Arceus manage to screw up hormones so badly if he had to have created them /before/ he could create substances to get high off whilst creating things?! Teen angst aside, the expression on her face was rather confrontational. She would not act like a coward that fled at the slightest reason in front of her... charge.


The boy bowed to them and proceeded to try to walk away, leaving Lucy unnerved at best. He then... fell, and began to...Wait, really? Was this karma punishing him for saying such an awful thing to those that had saved him? Huh... Lucy stood at a distance, raising one hand to lightly grip Amethyst's leg. She hoped that by reassuring the smaller female with her grip she would provide some form of comfort, as if silently saying 'I've got you. Nothing is going to take you away.' ...You never knew what sort of strange powers pokespirit wielders might have.

And... then the boy began talking to himself before he got back up and ran over to the two females, the smaller of which was still riding on Lucy's shoulders. This actually spooked Lucy, considering the way he'd been acting. Was he crazy? Was he about to attack them?! She'd heard of wandering pokespirit wielders that went insane, and were violent to all near them.

...Lucy reached out and grabbed the boy despite his best intentions as he came within reach. Next thing he knew, he'd be pushed down and come face to face with... a stomach mouth! Lucy's midsection opened up and enveloped Creed as she helped push him inside rather forcefully. She... honestly made it look easy. To keep it brief, it was cramped, and exactly what you might expect from a stomach. Only, there was no acid. Lucy had decidedly... not released them. He was honestly not in danger of dying... for the moment.

Instead, she promptly used acid armor to give her body an elastic-like stretchiness, thereby making it much more resistant to physical attacks in anticipation of a backlash. Creed would... honestly find escape impossible, though he could try and hurt her from inside if he wished. Oh lordy; Amethyst just watched her new friend eat someone. Goodness knew what she'd think, considering her initial fear of such a thing.

Lucy, now carrying quite a bit of extra weight and a somewhat gravid looking belly, slowly stumbled forward a bit almost immediately before regaining her balance. As for Creed, holy crud that girl just ate him! But perhaps after the initial horror wore off he'd wonder... if he wasn't dying, what was she trying to do?


It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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