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    Somehow you're able to be Ricardo once again.

    You let out a sigh. In front of your computer screen, you notice Vieve inserting the pre-punched card into the Totem Lathe. Unfortunately, nothing happens.

    You see Vieve going back to her computer, and realizing that she doesn't seem to have any intention to hurry something nags at your conscience once again:
    PS: First, tell me where my brother is.
    PS: I need to know for peace of mind.
    her brother!

    You scroll towards the bathroom and stop. Damn, now you're starting to feel weird. You've been breaking Vieve and her family's privacy all morning, but the idea of looking into the bathroom now… even though its just to make sure of Gavin… I mean, Vieve's brother's well-being, makes you feel dirty… and slightly homophobic to be completely honest.

    You decide to take a more… strategic approach:

    First you check the bathroom's front door. The plant you set against the door seems to still be there, so he hasn't come out from that side…

    Now you check the window, and much to your dismay, you notice a foot coming out.

    "Oh no!" you think alarmed, realizing that a slip here would cause Gavin to fall and possibly break a bone or two if not die. Vieve would surely not be happy about that!

    Acting quickly, you revise a small foothold under the window. You make sure to make it only big enough to give Gavin something to hold on to. You're still not sure how important Grist will be in the future of the game, but you sure as hell don't want to finish it right now, and you've almost used up all the Grist you got from destroying Vieve's wall!

    You take a second to determine exactly how important Vieve's bedroom wall is to her before deciding not to test your luck.

    As Gavin balances himself on the foothold you've just provided, he looks up and notices several other footholds he could use to reach the roof. He's pretty sure he's never seen these before, but he's also pretty sure his magazines are not supposed to be able to fly, so he simply uses them to climb up.

    Suddenly you facepalm yourself. Hard.

    The point of leading Gavin up into the roof was to avoid having him notice the new… backyard decorations you set, but from the roof, they'll be pretty simple to see anyways.

    Noticing that Gavin has still not reached the roof, you take a second to revise a square hole into the roof above his room before covering it with a trapdoor.

    Thankfully, Gavin's curiosity got the best of him, and he jumps down the trapdoor, into his room, before noticing that there is a wall where his door should have been, that his bed is on the other side of the room, that his "stash" is completely uncovered, and that there were now bars behind his window. Trapped!

    He furrows his eyebrows concernedly as you smile knowingly at yourself, patting your own back… despite knowing that now you're surely running out of Grist.
    PS: Third, some “viralBlaster” guy told me to tell you to get ready.
    BE: Get ready for what?
    BE: And what's that glowy thing behind you?
    Unknown to you, you had just missed the most important step of SBURB. Therefore, you don't know what that glowing purple sphere is. You don't understand how to obtain it, or what to do with it. You completely have no idea that your teammate has a freaking axe for a weapon, and most ominously of all, you completely fail to notice the counter on the Cruxtruder, which now reads: