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    Update 2#
    I enter viridian forest but when i battle everyone i rush back to the pokecenter (damn weedles and thier damn poison sting) and armor was so close to become lv.16

    By defeating a wild rattata armor evolved to wartortle

    I swept out pewter city's gym with my wartortle

    Brock was pathetic armor swept his geodude and onix with a single water gun

    By defeating brock he gave me tm39 rock tomb

    I got the running shoes from prof.oak aide yay

    I then procced to defeat route 3 trainers with armor

    I got to mt.moon pokecenter to get my second team member draga the magikarp

    In the next update I will go through mt.moon and evolve my magikarp


    armor the wartortle lv.17


    tail whip

    water gun


    draga the magikarp lv.5

    Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
    my pokemon alpha sapphire team