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Kilik Chambers - Rocky Mountains & Caves

Their were plenty of dragon Pokemon & others around, but none were a Deino. Where could that Pokemon be? Kilik wasn't just focusing on this objective. He was also listening to Jack & Ruby's conversation. "I also have a Arcanine, and a Latias... And a Delcatty, and i shouldn't forget my Swampert..." he hear Ruby say. Did she just say she has a Latias?! "My sisters take care of them while i'm away from home, but that doesn't make me worry or miss them less..."

Kilik quickly turned to Ruby with a shocked expression. "A Latias?!" Silence filled around the group, an awkward moment, Kilik frozen. This was awkward indeed. He then acted as if it wasn't such a big deal, turning away. "I mean, that's cool." Real smooth.

"And you Kilik? Do you have pokemon at home?" Ruby asked Kilik, speaking to him now. Kilik stopped walking for a minute before answering.

"No one at...home. I only have Dewott, Zoroark, Gligar & Shinx," he replied. Kilik was a little off tone sayiing home. He shook it off & continued walking. He entered a cave that was dark. Luckily, Yuki was able to light the way. Just then, Kilik heaard a cry in pain, a Deino cry...!

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