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    OOC: For the record, in game time, it is about sunset. Eventually, it will naturally progress to nighttime. Tomorrow, in game time, Devin will wake up from unconsciousness.

    Victoria ended up making a bit of a speech right after Kelsey. She felt much more tense, seeing the more private side of this girl who she originally got a negative first impression of out of fear. Her posture loosened up, and she couldn't help but smile just a tiny bit. Coal had fallen asleep on her lap, which was very normal for him, so she stroked his head and stared at the waves.

    The line about survivors really hit home to Kelsey. She wasn't sure whether she considered herself a survivor. Sure, she lived through the shipwreck, but was she truly a survivor?

    Something distracted her from her pessimistic thoughts. It was the sunset. It was so beautiful and colorful. She hadn't truly appreciated the sunset in so long. It's a shame that she hadn't until now, but despite the less than desireable circumstances, her eyes lit up.

    "Wow... look at the sunset, Victoria!" Kelsey exclaimed, pointing at the sky, her eyes wide. It was like she was a little kid again, in awe about the world. The feeling would crash and burn soon enough, but it was a euphoric feeling while it lasted. She stood up, placing her napping Cyndaquil on the ground and returning to his Pokeball.

    "Anyways, Victoria, it was nice talking to you. I'm going to go see what's up and if anyone else has an idea of where to sleep tonight." She took a stroll along the coastline. First, she found an unconscious, or maybe sleeping boy with long black hair with red highlights. Concerned, Kelsey kneeled, picking up his wrist and checking for a pulse. There was a pulse, even though it was weak.

    "Are you okay?" Kelsey whispered. The boy twitched a little. He was clearly alive, but Kelsey figured she best not disturb him. "I hope you'll be okay..." The idea of someone on this island dying hurt her much more than it should have, possibly because she knew that the less survivors there were, the more difficult it would be to make it through.

    She took a deep breath, trying to calm her worries about this unknown boy. All she could do is hope for the best. Kelsey stood up again, and scanned the area.

    The boy named Vincent had sent out his Kadabra and it was cutting down trees with its powers. She figured that there was a reason behind this, so she decided not to question it. Kelsey sat down again next to the unconscious boy, staring a bit more at him. She couldn't help but notice he was rather attractive, but that thought quickly vanished and was replaced by more serious thoughts.

    First of all, Kelsey wasn't sure whether he would be unlucky if he ended up passing away. If he did, he wouldn't have to put in so much effort into surviving like the others would. It made Kelsey halfway wish she was in his place, which sent chills down her spine.
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