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I almost put a sign up in the IC thread but then I found this one haha.

Name: Jimmy Hill
Age: 16
Sex: Male
B.Type: Terra
Jimmy stands at about 5‘91/2 with an athletic build at nearly tip top physical condition. He has light green eyes that have a warm welcoming look to them. His hair, a light shade of brown, is often a mess with tiny strands of hair jetting out in different directions. There are slight hints of white/gray in his hair due to past stress related experiences. No matter how many times he cut his hair they just stuck, so he learned to embrace them. Jimmy hit puberty at the early age of 12, gifting him with a surprising amount of facial hair. Over the four years Jimmy has accumulated enough hair for a full, yet humble, beard(excluding the stache). During this time of year, Jimmy usually wears a pair of beige cargo shorts and a tank top with two shades of orange, light down to dark. He owns no pair of sneakers, traveling only in his beat up wooden sandals, he also owns a spare pair in his bag.

Pokemon Team
Name: Coop
Species: Zangoose/ Immunity
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: Swords Dance, Slash, Double Team, Close Combat
Bio: Coop was originally an egg that Jimmy discovered one day while running errands. It was left between two tall and large trees, hidden out of sight. Knowing Jimmy couldn’t just leave the egg like this, alone and without a guardian, he decided to bring it back with him to the shelter. As an egg, things were easy, no one in the shelter was the wiser. Then the egg hatched, and Coop was born. It became harder to hide Coop since the shelter had a no pokemon policy, but somehow they managed until Jimmy turned 12, the age where he went out on his own journey. Both of them have a strong bond together, like brothers. They can read each other like the back of their hands and paws.

Name: Annie
Species: Altaria/ Natural Cure
Sex: Female
Pokemon Move Set: Sing, Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam, Roost
Bio: Annie is calm and poised, even in situations that would often cause panic. When she panics, thats when you know things are seriously bad, and I mean seriously. Due to this, even when Jimmy isn’t there to guide, Altaria can handle it’s own in battle. On many occasians Altaria has even been confused as a wild pokemon, leading to a pretty funny series of events later.

Name: Loco
Species: Lombre/ Swift Swim
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: Rain Dance, Protect, Waterfall, Energy Ball
Bio: Loco in a sense, is probably the chillest of the group. Loco is rather free spirited but has a tendency to slack around. Loco and fun are a perfect match and although unethical, Loco incorporates his own type of fun into his pokemon battles. Jimmy rarely approves of this, but he can’t help but find it funny at times.

Name: Toby
Species: Zigzagoon
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: Headbutt, Dig, Rest, Swift
Bio: Toby is rather curious and easily distracted. Unless in battle, Toby finds it hard to concentrate, it’s like he has pokemon ADHD. Jimmy and Toby met on the day of his birth. A friend of Jimmy’s had breed a bunch of eggs, and the day he had come over to visit, the eggs had all hatched, releasing a litter of Ziggy’s. One of them seemed to have taken a liking towards Jimmy, and his friend gave it to him as a gift.

Jimmy was born during the era of Team Magma and Aqua. In fact, he was born to Aqua grunts in Lilycove City. Once Hoenn authority found out his parents were affiliated with Team Aqua, they confiscated Jimmy at the age of five and placed him in a shelter within Fallarbor Town, far away from his birthplace. The children were kept well fed, but the shelter itself was far from paradise. The main reason why they were fed so well was because the children(including Jimmy) were often forced to do serious and extreme labor work on the farmland for hours and hours with little to no breaks. In a way, the work was sort of a blessing in disguise, preparing him for his journey, at least the physical aspect. His physical condition was nothing to worry about but it took him nearly a year to get the mental aspect of traveling down. Along the way, he was finally reunited with his parents, now retired grunts. They had met in Lilycove and instantly recognized Jimmy even after all the years. After he found out that they were Aqua, deep down inside, he began to grow a resentment towards them. Unable to deal with his oncoming feelings, he began to hide them under a nonchalant and “chill” personality, much unlike his old self. This eventually became a trend and Jimmy started hiding all of his frustrations and sadness in life within him. Flaunting that nice, sometimes fake smile and his “chill” attitude you would think he’d have no complications in his life at all. After awhile Jimmy realized he shouldn't be doing this and began to release his pent up emotions by training alongside his pokemon, especially Coop. The two would often spare to help Jimmy deal and forget, although this probably wasn’t the best solution as it left him with countless scars spread out over the length of his body. Even without the issues and harbored emotions, Jimmy still retains the nonchalant attitude which often gives people the wrong impression about him and his battling skills.