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Olivia Wolf - Plains
Olivia stood nearby, shivering. She did find herself entertained by the battle however. Watching was so much easier than actual battling! Or at least she thought so. She actually found herself surprised that Kenshin's pikachu could pull off a stunt like popping out of the water whilst digging. That certainly /looked/ impressive anyway. Certain trainers might disagree, that standing around watching was torture. Regardless, Kenshin had caught the pokemon he so desired. Olivia? Well...

"C-Congratulations! Now... If you don't mind, c-could we make our way back out to where it's warmer..?"

She seemed slightly pleading, and her words a bit rushed. She was very cold. Though, she smiled at Kenshin despite all this. That, or she was very excited to catch a pokemon of her own. One or the other. It was also admittedly... too cold for Olivia's thoughts to drift elsewhere. All her thoughts were 'Cold! Cold! Get warm! Your long hair burns easily! Get a match!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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