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    Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
    Also, where's the challenge if you soft reset after losing a Pokemon? I thought the challenge was beating the game AFTER losing your precious team mates, and that's the main rule (main trait) of the challenge. Unless you lose all six of them. Then it's game over, as it's pretty long and boring training weaklings again. Better off playing the game again from scratch. At least that's what I did when I lost my first Blue Nuzlocke. And I even managed to lose to Rival in Route 22 just before E4. I've also lost twice in Silver (didn't even have time to record it, as I died at second gym once, and against Rival after that gym). My first run of Sapphire was a trainwreck too. Lost to May on Route 110. And all 4 times I started back from scratch. Of course, switching to turbo since it would really be tiresome playing it all again at normal speed. But I've always respected the dead. I play carefully, and manage my party well, so I don't lose Pokemon too often. But when I lose them, I release them. That's why I sometimes get too carried away while grinding. With all party members being as strong as the next gym leader is too much power, since regular trainers are often weaker than that said gym leader.
    I just didn't think I'd be able to go on. Geodude, whom I lost, was basically my best Pokemon. I didn't reset after losing the rest of them; I just sighed and put them in the PC.

    In retrospect, I'd rather have just gone ahead with no Geodude, but I think having to raise another one (the first one was pretty well trained) was adequate atonement for the sin of soft-restarting. It's something that I avoid doing, but I hope people can cut me some slack since it's my first Nuzlocke and I wasn't thinking about just how fragile Geodude can be.

    I do still save often, but now it's more about the adverse possibility of my game freezing (this has happened once so far on this Nuzlocke) than about losing a Pokemon.

    Oh, and update: I'm in Whitney's Gym. Not only is my Geodude safe and healthy (and close to becoming a Graveler), but my Chikorita is now a Bayleef and I have three more Pokemon (soon to be four, as soon as that Egg hatches).
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