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    Bay dragged his feet across the ground and every step he made seemed to get heavier and slower. Bay and Flow were headed north until they ran into Jubilife City for the first time in half a year but they obviously weren’t welcomed and they were shortly run out of town. He was exhausted and his feet felt numb and solaced. He hadn’t slept or ate properly in 4 days so Flow decided not to speak and so Bay was alone ever since.. He was nearly out on supplies and the only time he saw a person recently was yesterday when he wandered into a hostile scavenger a few days ago who tried to impale him while Bay was unaware that the highwayman was there but once Bay managed to realize the presence of the thief he would have easily broken the mans weapon but instead he stabbed the man in the arm with his dagger hidden within his belt.

    He didn’t know if his dehydration and hunger would have made him unable to deal with the conflict peacefully. and Bay sighed and said to himself “I wonder if that was too cruel… maybe I should have ran.” He looked up Finally, after having used all of his energy to keep walking over the past three days he collapsed with his face planted forward into the dirt in plain sight without even catching himself. He was unable to move and was too tired. He knew the worst that would happen was he would get robbed but he didn’t even have any major possessions. With that he forgot about the world he was forced to live in and he fell into a deep slumber.

    He was on the moon hopping around aimlessly for what seemed like hours. He was just chasing the horizon and when he almost gave up looking his shadow came to life, materialized and started running away. Bay tried to punch the shadow figure but it quickly turned back into shade, taunting him. Bay furiously punched the ground and the moon he was on cracked, shattered like glass. He then felt the effects of zero gravity and drifted through space.

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