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Mako Reese
Subdued Colors Complimented by Darkness

The ground was a lush green covered with grass. the air was brisk, and all there was to smell was the subtle scent of foliage in the distance. Then, all at once, they were gone. Mako's current location was unclear, all there was to it was darkness. Laughter echoed through...wherever he was. It was a sick laughter, the type one would hear after being told a hilarious dark joke. "Oh geez...'Thank you guys so much for saving me! Is there any thing we could do to repay you?', what a laugh!" Kraus said, between bursts of laughter. "Yeah, I guess getting eaten was one way of repaying them." Mako grabbed his knees and looked down. "I honestly don't know how I could have gotten a worse partner. I mean, given that you're such a piss-boy I honestly thought I'd just be able to take your body, I seriously have no clue how you're even still alive." Mako didn't respond to Kraus' harsh words; instead, he simply sat and kept quiet. "Oh right, it's because you have little girls saving your a$% for you, ain't that right; it's disgusting." Mako brought his knees closer to his face to hide the tears streaming from his face. "What? Are you crying? God, what a f^@king piss-boy." Kraus then changed the tone of his voice to a less hostile (or less casual, in his case) tone and said, "Okay, here's the deal, you let me take control for a little while and I'll get you outta here." Mako was unmoved, his mind was most certainly made up; Kraus was pissed. "Okay, let me tell you something, I-

"Can't do anything to me," Mako said abruptly.

"What did you just say to me you little runt?

"It's clear to me, now, you can't hurt me," Mako continued, wiping the tears from his face. "Heck, you need me. Without me, you're nothing. Literally. You can't exist if I don't." Kraus was speechless, the kid who his words would normally cut into like butter actually rebelled, and created a convincing argument as well. Mako was becoming stronger, and the stronger his will, the more difficult it would be to take him over. This made Kraus furious.

"Listen up, you little crap, I'm the worst thing that's ever happened to you. The world is against you, your own mother will probably hate you, all because of me. Your only enemy in here is me, and I will freaking kill you from the inside." Mako started to sweat a little, Kraus was right after all; Kraus literally had thousands of people in his arsenal, all because he went to Mt. Coronet and found the Deino that was Kraus. Everything happened because of him. Mako turned his head back to...whatever was below him, and he remained silent. Kraus waited for a retort, but that was clearly all Mako had to say. This made Kraus even more angry, but until Mako acted or they were let out, all they could do was wait.
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