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Started new game.

Named character SHINO (as in the Naruto character)

Obtained a Mudkip, named him SURF SLAVE
→ don't look at me like that ¬_¬

Hacked wild Pinsir and a Master Ball; named him KIMURA
→ damn bastards are impossible to catch with Poké Balls! ;~;


The morning sun was bright and vivid. However, I had no idea of it, since my mom somehow convinced me to travel all the way to Littleroot Town in the back of our moving truck…
bad idea. By the time we reached our new home, my back and my ass were killing. Thankfully though, the torture was over.

Never did I expect my life in Hoenn to be turned upside down so quickly, however.

Our home was almost completely furnished when we got home, but the mover Machoke were still (obviously) working on getting our stuff in the house, and my mom knew that she'd have to spend the whole day making sure everything was perfect. Therefore, she decided to send me to our neighbor's house, to offer them some of my mom's home-baked goodies.

I always considered my mom a generous person, but when I walked in our neighbors' house, and the lady asked me to introduce myself to her daughter… in her room! I realized she might be in for some tough competition. Sure enough, her father ended up being Professor Birch, and after I saved him from a rather, embarrassing situation he asked me not to speak of to anyone… EVER!

Well, I guess I became a trainer…

Thus I decided to go and visit my father, accompanied my new Pokémon: Surf Slave. Little did I know that something, somewhere, was directly beginning to influence my path. For when I went back home for a Potion I knew I'd left in my PC, I found something else… something that shouldn't have been there…

Not thinking twice about it, I just grabbed the Master Ball, assuming that my luck must have reversed since I came to Hoenn… and sure enough, as soon as I stepped out of my little town, I stumbled upon something ridiculously out of place for Hoenn: a Pinsir swarm!
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