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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent stared at the girl for a little while as he waited for her to respond, blinking slightly as she simply turned around and moved towards the water. “What the…?” He shook his head, sighing deeply. “I guess being stranded and shipwrecked does weird things to you…” She had acted like she hadn’t even heard his question, and then walked off to look at… Vincent didn’t even know.

He grunted quietly and turned around to have a look at Ace slowly lowering the treetrunk against the Y-shaped tree, creating an area that could be shielded off against the elements and any wild Pokémon that may be on the island. “You’re doing a great job, Ace!” Ace nodded swiftly, but seemed focused on his task of not letting the tree drop to the ground as it hovered through the air.

As he was about to head over to take the large leaves he had gathered and scatter them on the ‘floor’ of the shelter, another girl spoke to him as he had his back turned, making him turn around again, his brows raising. “Huh? Oh! Yeah, I am… I mean, someone has to, right?” He smiled lightly and nodded to her. “I’m Vincent, hey. And, uh…” He looked over his shoulder at the shelter-in-progress and then up at the sky that slowly had begun darkening, though the sun still painted it a soft, dark orange. He hadn’t taken notice of the sunrise at all, however.

“Well, if you could get us some more of the huge leaves, we could use them as a sort of… wall, to keep the warmth in, and everything else out.” He nodded a little, relieved to see that someone had gathered their thoughts enough to try and help out. For now, they had to make sure they had a place to rest. It would be a tight fit, but… Vincent was doing what he could with what he had. Just as the girl had gone off to collect the leaves, the girl from earlier walked up to him again, with her Typhlosion in tow.

Before Vincent could say anything, she had ordered her Typhlosion to use Flamethrower… on the trees on the outskirts of the jungle. Right next to their –wooden- shelter. Vincent’s eyes widened and he called out “No!” But it was too late. The flames spewed out and covered a majority of the trees, but luckily, didn’t even touch the shelter. Several trees fell, and others simply caught fire. Gritting his teeth, Vincent turned to Ace, who seemed just a little shocked at what had happened.

“Ace! Psycho Cut, quick! Get the burning trees into the sand!”


Doing as he was told, Ace quickly dispatched the few trees on fire, which fell to the ground with a roar, putting out the last fires. Vincent then turned to Bliss, fury in his eyes. “What’re you thinking?! You could’ve torched the entire damn forest with that attack! And you almost hit the shelter!” He huffed, his fists clenched as he stared the poor girl down, Ace walking up behind him to place a hand on his shoulder. “… Bra.”

At first, he didn’t even react to it, but after a few moments, he shook his head, taking a deep breath to steady himself, rubbing his temple. “… I’m sorry, but it was a really stupid thing to do. I didn’t mean to shout.”
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