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    Originally Posted by docowocool View Post
    Has anyone ever used a Leafeon in HG/SS or Black/White?
    Nope! I should try some time..
    Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
    welcome to the club,docowocool!!
    nice nickname btw
    i found a pic of eeveelution key-chains i think

    <3 <3
    Cool pic xD
    Originally Posted by docowocool View Post
    May I join?

    Username : docowocool
    Partner Eevee : Dark Bobette (female)
    Why : I love Eevee because she is so cute! My favourite eeveelution is Umbreon, since it is dark and mysterious.
    Where did you get your first Eevee : Bebe in Hearthome, Pokemon Diamond. Sad to say, that was an itty bit neglected, until I transfered it to Black, as an Umbreon lvl65.
    Welcome! Aww poor neglected Eevee :(
    Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post

    Thank you. :D

    Hehe, thank you too. Well, still no icon image...
    I like Flareon as well. He's a Fire-type and so fluffy. :3 /IbuttedinxD
    FIXED. Finally! xD
    YAY! Fluffy Eeveelutions ftw :D

    Speaking of which:
    Cutest Eeveelution?
    Geez, this is a hard one.. I'm gonna say Flareon. Sure it's useless in battle, but just <3