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    Heres hoping there are still spots...Only two accepted but a lot of Sign ups in here, so I'm posting a sign up just in case a spot is open. Edit: I think I'm done, but I will add more if needed.

    Name/Nicknames: Margot (pronounced "Margo" just in case you don't already know) Nathan
    Gender/Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 5'4", very skinny and very attractive. She wears clothes that show off her....features, and she likes to tease. She has a plethora of dresses and skirts, but also casual clothes such as ironic tee shirts and the latest trendy jeans. She is also fond of short shorts. She has auburn hair, straight and long enough to reach halfway down her back. She parts it down the side. She has perfect teeth and all that jazz. Her eyes are hazel. She usually wears regualr shoes (like converses...only pokemon brand?) and lots of jewelry. She has peirced ears, and usually wears diamond studs. A variety of bracelets adorn her arms, and she wears thick frame black classes, and a few various rings. Though, she only wears one at a time, and never on her ring fingers.
    picture of face. Imagine a younger version.

    History: She was born into an average family, in Sootopolis City. She went to school and did normal things. Like take acting and singing lessons. And getting everything she asks for. Yeah. She made good grades, but never anything outstanding. She played football (soccer) and was team captain on the junier team. Her parents loved her, but wrre young and never thought to teach her morals. She soon came to manipulating them and getting her way all of the time. Cell phones, clothes, shoes, anything she wanted. Her parents had a hard time keeping up with her taste, and worked very hard. She didn't really appreciate them. She didn't have any brothers or sisters, or any other family for that matter. Her parents were all she had. They both literally worked themselves to exhaustion, and this exhaustion led them to ill driving, which led to a car accident, and two deaths. Guess who?

    Her parents spoiled her, until they died when she was 16. She was put into foster care families for a few months, but usually found her new parents "cheap" and "worthless". She ran away searching for fame and fortune in the form of Lilycove Glamour Magazine. Her self riteous mannor kept her from getting a job. So, she made her money by conning rich men. She got romantically involved, then whisked away with their fortunes. She bought a big house, in the middle of nowhere, hired servants, and bought pretty much whatever she wanted. She tangod with the cops, but got out clean after flirting with one of the officers, and then got him fired. She got caught on her 10th or so con, when she boasted about it too loudly on the internet. They sent a female cop to bust her, as her manipulating ways were unaffective on women. She was taken to jail, where she refused to go back into foster care. She shared a cell with a theif, who taught her how to pick locks, and other crafty skills. Margot waited for the shift change in the guards, and then broke out through the same door they left. She quickly hid in the bathroom, where she took out a guard and stole her uniform. With this disguise, she walked out the front door, pretending to have a family emergency. Her run didn't last long, and the cops found her a few weeks later.

    She was put in the SOUL program by her foster family, who she conned into beLIEving she was still 17. She got a magikarp as her starter, for ironic effect. She pretty much hates the universe right now, because all of her money and possessions were returned to those she conned. Even worse, she hates that she got a pretty useless pokemon to start with. She doesn't know anything about pokemon really, except that good trainers get money and fame. She decides to agree to join this program, hoping she can con people in the Johto region. New region, new clients, new money. Plan B is to become the very best, like no one ever was.

    Personality: Think "That overly Sarcastic guy in horror movies that always dies to the audiences pleasure (except she has girl parts)" in short, she's a dick. Ba dum tsss. She has extreme NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and acts like a tough girl all the time. She likes to think she's the smartest girly girl in the world, but really she's about average. She doesn't like anyone, believing to be better than most, and hating anyone who threatens her. She gets a hig from conning people, and usually likes to throw it in their face when she does. (which lead to her capture) Heres a bit of her personality speaking,"With this...disgusting, wothless pokemon, I will be able to give a good sob story, and make Bank. Lots of bank......ugh. Stupid pokemon. "
    Aspiration: Actress, model, er....famous actractive woman.
    Starter: Magikarp

    Password 1: Quite Worthlessly, Ehan Ross Tells You "Underwear Is Over Powered"
    Password 2: wiLlow fourty-two

    RP Sample: This is in two parts, because Vinnie is a bit hard to follow at that point, as this is where he starts loosing his mind. You can read the rest of the IC if it still confuses you. Its interesting!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


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