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    Originally Posted by ArthurWaine View Post
    Woops, hadn't thought about the part with the world map! Thanks for pointing that out ;
    But anyway, I thought it wasn't possible to modify the amount of available map names unless you knew ASM (which I don't)? If it is indeed possible, any and all tips on how to do so (or a reference to a tut/guide that explains it) would be immensely appreciated!
    Changing the amount of names doesn't exactly require ASM, it just requires a little repointing, and changing limiting bytes. There is a semi-beginner-unfriendly tutorial here, written by Jambo51, which details two ways to go about it (adding more names to the end, or using the Ruby/Sapphire names that are already in the game).

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.