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    Well, that's the second Flaaffy I've seen lately, Skye mused as it continued to juggle. Must have been a contest competitor. Hmm... "Duh-hon't worry," he told Meep with a smile. "No hah-hah-arm done." He shook his bag a little, hearing Pala squeaking in her sleep.

    Rama snorted at Jasmine. "Want to start something housepet?" He sneered this casually, teal eyes flickering with just enough disdain to be palpable. Ellie gave him a snort and began to carry both girls and bags into the Entei Dorm, looking patiently for the room.

    "Stop bullying children neanderthal," she called over her shoulder.

    Rama rolled teal eyes. "Oh, and you don't." Skye chuckled at the antics of his partners. He wouldn't change them for the world. His Zorua glowered playfully at him, torn between laughing himself and tackling the human's face. For the sake of pride, he did neither. Skye gave Meep a quiet glance. "Muh-hy name ih-is Skye. Yuh-hou are...?"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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