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Vincent Phoenix

As the girl heard his voice, she jumped slightly, quickly hiding the slightly bloodied hand behind her back. She pretended nothing was wrong, but it was easy to tell that she didn’t even believe that lie herself, Vincent’s lips tugging into a very small smile. “Heh. I think you know the answer to that yourself.”

He stayed quiet as she began explaining, folding his arms across his chest while listening to her. He had a look of concern and patience on his face, seeming a lot different from when he was shouting at that other girl earlier.

As she finished explaining herself, Vincent shook his head lightly, taking a step closer while waving his hand dismissively. “Listen, listen… you don’t have to excuse yourself. Something like that is out of your control, and you can’t help it. I don’t know much about… well, anything, about that disorder, but it sounds to me like it’s something you don’t decide over.”

Pausing for a moment, he stepped closer, reaching into the pack at his side, pulling out a strip of bandage, holding his right hand out towards her right hand, looking at her expectantly, a knowing look in his eyes, as he continued speaking. “… Besides, it’s not like it hurts anyone. But I –have- seen people with something like this before. It’s not weird ,Victoria… just don’t be ashamed of it, mmh? You can’t run away from all of your problems.”

He continued holding out his hand, as if asking for hers, the roll of bandage ready in his hand to bandage her knuckles up should she place her hand in his. “We need to live together here… probably for a long while, if this isn’t an island anyone’s been to before. So there’s no sense in hiding from everyone else, right?”

OOC: Claire, you can go ahead and write about Vincent starting to bandage up her hand, if she chooses to let him. No need to waste another post with me just writing about that
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