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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    What do you mean? Do you mean the Pokemon Center theme?
    I'm talking about replacing the Pokemon center in the game with my own custom Pokemon center
    I added the tiles into tileset2 (pallet town) in advance map but I couldn't figure out how to replace the FR Pokemon center tiles with my tiles

    Well, that would depend on what part you're having trouble with
    A slightly more detailed description (what doesn't work/what breaks your game/etc.) goes a long way! Although I'm far from an expert, I've seen some common problems around the forums, and I might be able to give a tip or two.

    I inserted the Pokemon center into tileset 2 (pallet town) and when I tried to take the tiles that I enserted into tileset 2 I couldn't figure out how to replace my Pokemon center tiles with the original tiles