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Update 6:
Beat all the Kanto Gym leaders. Spent all day today training my pokemon to level 80ish.

While battling Misty's Lighting died to here Quagsire.
Caught a Spearow later on and while training him he died.
Caught the Snorlax and he became a valuable member of the team.
Bumble-Bee died to Red's Espeon.

Beat Red and now to move on to the next game.

On a side note: Im planning on doing an Ultimate Nuzlocke but since school starts in 2 weeks, I probably finish Blue by Tuesday? and Ruby on Saturday?
Pearl, and Black I got those on emulators which I wont be on most of the time.

Encounter Pokemon
New Bark Town: Cyndaquil got and named Blaze later evolved.
Rt.29 Sentret caught and named FurBall, later boxed him.
Rt.46 Geodude caught named Rocky
Rt.30 Kakuna caught named Bumblebee, later evolved into Beedrill.
Dark Cave Zubat Killed.
Rt.31 Pidgey Killed
Rt.32 Bellsprout caught named Weed
Union Cave Geodude Killed
Rt.33 Ekans caught named Mr.Wiggles.
Slowpoke Cave Zubat Killed
Alezea Town Togepi (Hatched) named him Scrambles
Illex Forest Oddish Killed
Rt. 34 Drowzee caught named Mindfreak
Rt.35 Nidoran Female caught named Big Momma
National Park Kakuna Killed
Rt.36 Sudowoodo caught named Commando
Rt.37 Stantler caught named Ruldoph later Boxed.
Rt.38 Magnemite Fled
Mt. Motar Zubat Killed
Burned Tower Rattata Killed
Goldenrod City Eevee got it from Bill. Named Aqua-Man
Rt.39 Magnemite Capture named Lighting
Rt.40 Tentacruel Capture named Squidward
Rt.41 Tentacool Killed
Olivine City Shuckle got it from a Npc named Shuckie
Rt.42 Mareep Killed
Rt.43 Mareep Caught named Dino-Buddy
Lake of Rage Gyarados Caught named Basilisk
Rt.44 Bellsprout Killed
Ice Path Jynx Captured named Weirdo
Dragon's Den Magikarp Killed
Rt.45 Geodude Killed
Tohjo Falls Golbat Caught named Dark-Night
Rt.27 Arbok Killed
Rt.26 Ponyta Caught named Buster
Victory Road Graveler Killed
Rt.6 Meowth Caught named Cat-Woman
Rt.8 Meowth Killed
Rt.5 Oddish Killed
Rt.24 Oddish Killed
Rt.25 Oddish Killed
Rt.4 Spearow Caught named Red Baron
Rt.9 Rattata Caught named Loser
Rt.10 Raticate Killed
Vermillion City Snorlax Caught named King Kong
Rt.11 Magnemite Killed
Rt.7 Meowth Killed.

Boxed Pokemon
Sentret aka FurBall
Stantler aka Ruldoph
Tentacruel aka Squidward
Shuckle aka Shuckie
Mareep aka Dino-Buddy
Golbat aka Dark- Knight
Ponyta aka Buster
Jynx aka Weirdo
Meowth aka Cat-Woman
Rattata aka Loser


Twin Needle
Pin Missile Died battling Red's Espeon.
Fury Cutter



Big Momma

Ice Punch*
Body Slam


Rock Slide
Fire Punch*
Low Kick

King Kong
Body Slam

Hyper Beam
Icy Wind*
Dragon Breath*

* means I taught the move via Tm
** means I taught the move via Hm

R.I.P Pokemon

Mind Freak aka Drowzee died battling Bug Catcher on Rt.35
Scrambles aka Togetic died battling Whitney
Rocky aka Geodude died battling Whitney
Weed aka Bellsprout died battling Whitney
Blaze aka Quilava died battling a Sailor in the Light House ( I'll never forget you. First time I lose a starter pokemon.)
Aqua-Man aka Vaporeon died battling Clair's Kingdra. (Damn critical Hyper Beam.)
Lighting aka Magneton died battling Misty's Quagsire. (Critical Earthquake)
Red Baron aka Spearow died training.
Bumble-Bee aka Beedrill died to Red's Espeon.