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    Well, heretostay and I are (finally) done with our joint post.

    Ayways, without further ado:

    Adrastros Sacramenti / Hunter Davis

    Adan was sitting, comfortable as could be, inside of the plain, Pudgey was sleeping over his lap, curled in a way that made him look like a small ball of feathers. Adan was staring at the seat he had in front, which was empty, while he slowly closed his eyes. Quickly after this, he fell asleep.

    In his dream, he was holding his camera, filming a Rattata which was way bigger than usual, he sort of expects things like that in the Spectrum Islands, Pokémon which look different from the usual. Around him were several trees that he hadn’t seen before, some were very tall, with deep, green vegetation, and other were so small, you could actually step over them. He’s way too excited to arrive, but he won’t show he is, after all, he must remain professional.

    He was filming the Rattata, hoping to hear his cry, but the Pokémon opened its mouth, and from inside it, a huge ‘Psy!’ came out.

    Adan opened his eyes, Pudgey was gone, and he could still hear that weird cry.

    Haru jumped up as Mallard got out of his pokeball and started to run down the aisle with an obese Pidgey behind him. "Come back!" he shouted and jumped up to run into one of the other contestants.

    "Sorry about that." he sighed, stood up, and rubbed the back of his head. "I'm Hunter, but you can call me Shaggy. Who are you?"

    "I'm Adan," he said, "And that's Pudgey." He pointed with his finger at the obese Pidgey that was observing them from a short distance.

    "Pudgey?" Hunter said.

    "I'm no good with nicknames, seriously, my Bulbasaur's name is Bob!"

    Conversation started as the two introduced themselves. Hunter said he's excited for a challenge, and has a very high and mighty opinion of forming a two man team. He intends to 'Catch em all". He longs to be a hero,and looks at this tournament like the moment to be one, to repair the bonds between the 5 regions. He wonders about the food, dorms and stadiums as well as areas to catch new pokemon for his team.

    Adan only accepted heading towards the Islands because he's bored of just filming Rattata in Route 1 all day long, every day. He hopes to find a way to teach Pudgey how to fly, and also to stop the constant fights between his Pokemon. And with the badges, he hopes that Macho, his pink male Butterfree, finally obeys him. But he's not so selfish, he also wants to contribute in bringing peace back to the world, even when he's unsure of how exactly that can be done. And he's excited to film every single bit of the Spectrum Islands, perhaps even filming a documental in the progress.

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