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    This is my first update! I'm going to update at least once every time I defeat a gym, though if something interesting enough happens beforehand I'll update then.

    -I chose Torchick as my starter, naming him 'Linkin'. I went through the beginning of the game, defeating my rival the very first time, and collecting the Pokeballs.

    -I met my father, who runs the normal type Gym, and helped Wally capture his first pokemon. (A ralts, which could be a problem later for my team.) After finishing that, I immediately headed for Petalburg woods. I avoided any trainers I could with the intention of trading my first capture, which would be a Shroomish, on them.

    -Luckily for me, the first thing I find in Petalburg woods is exactly what I was looking for. I captured a female Shroomish, named her 'Topper', and began raising her levels on the bushes just outside the entrance of Petalburg until she was Linkin's level.

    -When Topper was on par with Linkin, I then went through the Petalburg woods. Linkin made quick work of the bug trainers there. I ran into a red-cloaked man who was heckling an employee of Devon Corp.

    -The grunt sent out his Poochyena while I sent out Topper. Topper had little trouble taking him down, attacking with Leech Seed and Absorb to keep herself healthy while the Poochyena slowly fainted. The grunt ran off, and out of Gratitude the Devon employee gave me a great ball.

    -I exited the woods and fought the trainers waiting outside. Linkin and Topper had little trouble taking them on. However, twin girls were the last challenge I had to face before reaching the next city.

    -The girls challenged me to a double battle. They sent out a Seedot and Lotad while I sent out Linkin and Topper. I was afraid of Lotad going for Watergun on Linkin, so I focused him down with both of my pokemon first. However, the Lotad chose to use Absorb on Linkin instead. He fainted after two turns of being focused down. The Seedot didn't take long to down after taking an ember.

    -I decided to take on Roxanne with my pokemon each at level 12. Topper had little trouble against the Geodude the Gym trainers had with his absorb attack. Linkin even gets in some work aswell, using ember to take down the Geodudes who didn't know rock throw and only knew tackle. I was pleased with how much damage Ember was doing.

    -Before taking on Roxanne I decided I would need to evolve my Torchic into Combusken. I was fearing the Nosepass, so I went to the next route and trained Linkin some more, mostly preying on Nincada. After he became a Combusken and leveled up Topper to Level 14, I decided it was time to take Roxanne on.

    -I recorded the battle and did a little bit of commentary here;
    Keep in mind I'm aware of the mistakes I made in my commentary; you can laugh at my dumbness, but I'm already aware of the mistakes and will make sure not to mess up so badly in future gym battles.

    Here are my Pokemon's stats after the Gym battle took place;

    Pokemon; Combusken
    Type; Fire/Fighting
    Name; Linkin
    Gender; Male
    Level; 16
    Nature; Timid
    Moves; Ember, Peck, Double Kick, Focus Energy

    Pokemon; Shroomish
    Type; Grass
    Name; Topper
    Gender; Female
    Level; 15
    Nature; Careful
    Moves; Tackle, Absorb, Leech Seed, Stun Spore
    "I wish I had a proper evolution," Surskit on Evolving.