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    Beta, I'd like a signature xD.

    Okay, here's the thing. It's a CSS type sig, so it shall copy that kind of style my sig has. But don't think my sig is the render image, I wanted a brand new one.

    1. Size of the Signature: 600x300
    2. Background Colors or Background Image: I would want Linoone and Celebi there looking up and smiling(?) like in my sig, except insted of the white background I want a leafy one. Above them shall be this box(much more cooler looking of course) where it shall have a sandy interior.
    3. Text you want on your signature: In the place of my sig's place, I'd want "Creampuff" written.
    4. Font and Color of Font: I dunno a calligraphic style maybe but the colour should be crimson red
    5. Additional Touches: If you can, make a gem-type glow effect around the text and electric style effect for the border. Also put up a "Made by Beta" somewhere although even if you do I'll give you direct credit.
    6. Border: Same style as my sig's border.

    If anything is difficult, just take your time, if anything's unexplained, it's up to you no rush here.

    PS if you want a closer look at my sig here it is: