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    Robert Hawkins

    “We’ll be back in the morning with anything we find. Thank you again for your help.” Robert turned to leave, gesturing as he did so for his two pokemon to follow.

    The trio strolled towards the dark silhouette of the temple in silence. The moon seemed to sink away behind the ancient structure as they drew slowly closer and closer to the dark arch Robert had inspected earlier. The silver light licked at the edges of the temple. This gave it an unearthly glow which seemed to pulsate as if the structure was alive, waiting.

    “Once more unto the breach dear friends,” Robert sighed. The young man often found that the quotes of others would describe the world in a way far superior to his own words. Yet he had also decided that these stolen quotes, taken from pages penned by those much more skilled in language than himself, could never completely describe the feelings or situations a man experienced. He stared at the darkness which seemed to consume the bowels of the temple. The archway’s intricate designs seemed trivial now compared to the danger and treasures he had been promised within. A small war of wariness, weariness and excitement fought for domination upon his face. Robert stepped into the darkness.

    Magby and Pawniard looked at each other as they watched their trainer disappear within. Pawniard was the first to turn away and follow Robert. Magby paused for a few seconds longer. Closing his eyes he stepped forwards and the sticky black of the temple surrounded the small pokemon.

    “Magby, could you please make a flame to help me get my bearings here?” The fire pokemon did so. An orange flame burst from its mouth illuminating the chamber with an orange tinged glow. The walls appeared titian in the flickering light and Robert scanned the nearest for anything which may aid him in where to go next. His sweeping gaze caught the vague shape of a wooden torch hanging in its bracket upon the wall. He walked over, careful to give Magby a wide berth as the flame spewed from its mouth. Clutching at the aged wood he inspected the rag. It was a brilliant blue and obviously fresh. “Hmmm, The villagers must have renewed the cloth on these for their own use…I wonder.” He pulled it from the rusted iron bracket. It came free easily proving his theory of recent use. At his feet he spotted the small iron pot he had wondered about. It was of modern make and sat covered in only a couple of days’ worth of dust. Robert pulled off the lid and placed it to one side. The thick stench of petroleum rose to offend his nostrils. A grin broke across Roberts face and he soaked the torch within. “Seems strange they would choose to use these rather than electric torches,” He spoke aloud and to himself. It was not a thought he was going to ponder as the villager’s quirks were none of his concern and had worked in his favour. “Magby, could you light this for me?” The pokemon did so with a short controlled burst of flame. Robert held the torch downwards for a second until he was sure it had caught correctly and would serve him as he needed. “Thank you, shall we continue?” The two pokemon voiced their agreement loudly and began to stroll to the door upon the far wall of the chamber.

    It wasn’t long before the flutter of wings was heard from above them. The zubat struck hard and fast. It swooped from the unknown reaches of the tunnel roof and struck the top of Robert’s head. Its teeth left two glittering red lines across the top of his scalp. The man recoiled in shock at the surprise attack and clutched at his head. Robert drew his hand from the scratches and inspected the warm, crimson blood which now clung to his fingers. It was a mere scratch and he would deal with it later. He and his pokemon wheeled around wildly in search of the attacker. Robert spotted it turning back towards them to make another attack. “Pawniard! As it flies back towards us jump and scratch!” He crouched low to give the assailant no choice but to swoop lower. It did so and entered Pawniard’s reach. The little pokemon leapt with its blades fully extended. It pierced the bat pokemon in the wing sending it veering off to the side where it impacted with the wall and dropped into the shadows consuming the floor. Robert searched frantically for a pokeball in his pack and soon produced one. The ball expanded in his hand as he walked towards where he believed the bat to have fallen. It was nowhere to be seen. “Perhaps it escaped in the confusion….We’ll have better luck next time I’m sure.” Robert returned the unused pokeball to his bag and ran his fingers through his hair. It was stiff with clotting blood. The trainer and his two pokemon continued on their journey into the darkness. Robert pondered the curiousness of the relative absence of pokemon in the temple.

    After a further half an hour of uneventful wandering pockmarked with wrong turns and dead ends the three adventurers happened upon a large door. The dancing light of the torch seemed to give life to the carvings which adorned the iron surface. The carvings seemed to show depict the sun. Its life giving rays shining upon the people of the temple. A mirror above shone silver light upon the intricate carving of some kind of sun god. Robert could see no handle and no lock. The silver light could only be coming from the moon. “Its iron so your blades would be no good Pawniard and it would be far too heavy to push open…wait….Magby use ember on the engraving where the moon shines!” Magby tottered forwards and did as he was told. The engraving glowed after mere seconds of exposure to the flame. A click echoed through the chamber and the iron door swung upon.

    Beyond lay an empty room and what appeared to be another iron door only this time it was set in the floor of the chamber. Upon inspection the engravings depicted the same sun god but this time it was restricted by what appeared to be an anthropomorphised representation of the mountains Robert remembered seeing off in the distance. “Looks like we made it to the trap door.” He sat down heavily and removed his bag. He placed it below his head as he lay down. Magby and Pawniard joined him. They waited.
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