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Originally Posted by JooJoobs View Post
Thanks for the tips danaxe, I caught a dratini but just didnt have the patience to level him =P.. Picked up Ursaring for my 6th, can't get steelix or scissor because I don't have the ability to trade >.<

Have will beaten, my team thus far:
Lvl 42 Ampharos Naive
Signal Beam > Charge

Lvl 38 Ursaring Lonely
Faint Attack, Slash, Aerial Ace, Avalanche

Lvl 42 Feraligator Lonely
Earthquake > Dig

Lvl 41 Crobat Docile
Poison Fang > Meanlook

Lvl 43 Exeggcutor Rash
Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Confusion, Sleep Powder

Lvl 40 Flareon Serious
Same set

Critique on my team? please and thank you =P
I think that feraligatr is fine, mine is a little different but still very similiar, I have - Surf (Water)
- Hydro Cannon (Water)
- Ice Punch (Ice)
- Superpower (Fight)

U did the best choice in Ampharos cause u can easy KO Dark types like Umbreon (which i had a really bad time to faint that black fox)