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A few things.

1. It is becoming nighttime in game. By the time Kelsey is knocked unconscious, it's dark.

2. If any of you have any issues with the way I control your characters a tiny bit, please let me know via VM. If you want to control other people's characters a tiny bit, that's allowed unless they say differently. Just don't manipulate them majorly or do anything out of character. I give you guys permission to control my character (when she regains consciousness), but please keep it in character. Thanks. You can also give other people permission to control more than just a few words/small actions. No matter what, the important part is staying in character.

3. trainerbliss, can Bliss please tell the others that Kelsey went to gather food like she asked of her to say? Then, after a while, they'll realize Kelsey has been gone a while. At that point, one or two people should go to search, only to find Kelsey and Coal unconscious. At that point, the two who went searching would bring Kelsey and Coal back to the beach (the stronger of the two would carry Kelsey and the other would carry Coal) for medical attention? I will bring Kelsey and Coal back to consciousness whenever I write my next post. I know that this is an oddly specific request so I hope you guys will cooperate.


Kelsey noted the drama going on around the beach. First, Vincent yelled at another girl that she did not know the name of for starting a fire. Next, Victoria gathered some leaves and dropped them, running away. She could tell from far away that Victoria was clearly distressed. It made her glad that she wasn't involved, partially because of her awkwardness and anxiety in social situations, but more so because she wouldn't want to mess things up with any of her "friends".

She also noticed that including the girl who Vincent yelled at, there were two people she didn't know the name of. The other was a guy. She decided to introduce herself. There was benefits to knowing everyone's names.

First, she approached the girl, who had shockingly long hair, longer than Kelsey could ever imagine keeping it, and pretty green eyes. She smiled weakly, giving her usual shy introduction.

"H-hi there. M-my name is Kelsey. What's yours?"

"I'm Bliss."

Kelsey thought Bliss was somewhat of an usual name, but at the risk of sounding rude, she decided not to comment on it.

"H-hey, Bliss! I just wanted to say hi and l-learn the names of everyone on this island. Would you mind telling the others that I'm going into the forest to gather some food for them? Th-thanks!"

Without even waiting for her response, Kelsey jogged up to the boy sitting on the beach. He hadn't done much all day. He just sat there and stared at the waves. Kelsey noticed that he looked much older than the others; he couldn't be younger than 20. She got down on her knees and turned her head.

"H-hello! My name is Kelsey! What's yours?" Although she stuttered a bit as usual, Kelsey managed to sound more enthusiastic than normal in her greeting this time.

"My name is Damion." While he said that, his facial expression was rather cold and distant. His eyes were flat, and his mouth was expressionless.

"It's n-nice t-to meet you, D-Damion! I-I just w-wanted to say h-hi to everyone. I'm g-gonna g-g-go gather food now, okay? B-bye!"

"Way to go, Kelsey. Way to make yourself look like a total fool in front of him and everyone else. You just can't stop stuttering for a second, can you? It's pathetic," Kelsey thought to herself, frowning deeply at her self deprecating thoughts. She took a deep sigh, and bolted into the forest.

Once she was a bit deeper in, she sent out Coal. Coal stared up curiously at his trainer.


"Hi, buddy! I decided to stop being useless and came here to gather some food. If you see anything, let me know. Don't be afraid to eat some things for yourself, but other than that, find me if you get anything, okay?"

"Cyndaquil!" Coal cried out. He then started ran away to find some berries.


Coal ate many berries for himself, but still fetched Kelsey most of the time after finding a particularly good berry tree. In the end, the results were good. Kelsey wound up with an armful of delicious looking berries for the gang. With a satisfied grin on her face, Kelsey marched down the way to the beach. Coal scurried behind her.

Suddenly, something hit Kelsey's legs at a high speed, presumably Coal. She fell over face first, and the berries she had collected went flying in every direction. Then, something that didn't happen much finally happened: she got angry.

"Coal, what the f***?" Coal walked up to her face, tilting his head to the side, looking confused and particularly hurt.


"You little s***! Why did you have to do that?" She groaned in annoyance. "Now we have to gather up the berries we dropped again, and it's all thanks to you!" she screamed.

Coal looked at the ground with a very saddened facial expression. A single tear formed in his squinted eyes at his trainers harsh yelling. This moment was then cut off by the real culprit: a mischievous, trouble making Pikachu. It hopped onto Kelsey's back, and then ended up right in front of her.

"Chu!" It gave Kelsey a small thundershock, which cased Kelsey to gasp, but didn't hurt all that much. While cringed, she sat up.

"Pikaaaaa..." The Pikachu was about to use thunderbolt, and Kelsey was trying desperate to get up.

"No!" She started to panic. Then, unexpectedly, Coal leaped in front of her, and used a fire attack. It distracted Pikachu for a bit. However, Kelsey did not train him much during their time traveling together, so the attack he used was only a mere ember and didn't have much of an effect on the powerful Pikachu.

The Pikachu then, without a second hesitation, used thunderbolt on Coal.

"Pika... chuuuuuuuuuuu!" This caused the tiny, weak Cyndaquil to flying several feat back. He was paralyzed, and collapsed to the ground. Kelsey turned around, hyperventilating.

"Coal!" She screeched in fear. She tried to get help to help her beloved Pokemon friend, but before she could even stand up fully, the Pikachu used thunderbolt again.

"Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The thunderbolt was even more powerful this time. It brought Kelsey to her knees again, and then back to the ground. The mean yellow rodent was smiling as much as a Pikachu could at their pain. It was unbelievably sadistic. Although the Pikachu probably was not evil, it still seemed like an awfully mean thing for a wild Pokemon to do, and it went beyond mischievousness.

"Pikaa," the Pokemon cried in a giggly tone before it dashed back into the woods.

Kelsey and Coal were immobilized.

"Coal... are you okay?"

"Cyn..." His cry was weak.

"Coal, I hope you'll be okay. You deserve that much." Like Coal's cry, Kelsey's voice was weak. "I... I'm so sorry for blaming that stupid Pikachu's actions on you! I should have known better. You rarely misbehave. You're an amazing Pokemon and friend... hell, you even risked your health and took the first thunderbolt for me... I appreciate you... I truly do."

"Quil." Coal's cry was slightly stronger that that, but not by much. He sounded truly appreciative of Kelsey's apology and kind words.

"I don't know if we'll make it... but I hope we do... at... at least... I hope you do..." Kelsey's vision was obscured and her eyelids felt, so she closed her tired eyes and slowly slipped away, far away from this place. Coal was next to faint, leaving their two unconscious bodies all alone, rather far away from help.
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