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Pare, ASTIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: It's so awesome! Tnx!

Na-credit na kita pre!

Translation: I have credited your very awesome thread!

Username: mavy42
Base: Charizard
Parts: Darkrai's body, Rayquaza's tail
Extra: Or you could do it this way:

Username: mavy42
Base: Darkrai
Parts: Charizard's wings, Rayquaza's hand

Can you make the banner more visible or with more light? I mean brighter. It's so dark! Thanks!

After that fusion here's for a challenge!

Username: mavy42
Base: Zekrom
Parts: Darkrai's body, Rayquaza's tail, Charizard' wings (Make the wings black)
Extra: Or you could do it this way: Surprise me!

Do you play minecraft, pre? pano mo alam steve at herobrine? adik ka rin ba?
Bye PC !
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