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    Tim Korinal

    "We didn't say anything about hidin', we were just going to make 'em disappear whenever we caught 'em alone. They can't really catch us anyways, we just don't want them knowin' it's us." Tim still apparently managed to sour Hailey's mood further, but continued. "Always sounded scarier to me than some random kid blowing everything up, like the story about the lady that petrified trainers' Pokémon and stole 'em." Rizero, in the few speaking fits he had, had told Tim about a ton of things that happened to Pokémon while they still had bodies, some of them being evil organizations that tried to take over the world.

    Then Hailey introduced her own plan, and actually gave them the assurance that they could reach the city AND liberate it of adults before nightfall. Maybe if she could teleport all of them like the girl from the prison they could reach it, but did they have to go and just start killing everyone like Nicholas did? Still, at least she was sure she could help, and teleporting was definitely going to be easier than trying to go over Mount Coronet. Looking at his little brigade, they nodded to Tim and he turned back to his new partners.

    "Okay; we'll trust you. What'd you have in mind?"

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