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Yes, I did. 100% solely because of it. When I first came to PC, it was to see the Ruby Destiny Triology and Shiny Gold, and then I did some loitering around in the Showcase section and saw that half the hacks have download links in attachments. So I made an account to download the latest versions of RD and SG and tried others as well. 2 months after I came back because I was directed here for tuts on how to ROM hack and ROM Hacking tools. I didn't visit many bright tuts till later on unfortunately, so I learnt everything the hard way. Then I was an upcoming GBA ROM Hacker then suddenly it started moving out of the scene, an year after the release of Black and White. DS hacking became more prominent, not to mention RMXP games. So I lost interest mostly and only peeped in when I was bored. I went through a few more hacks one day and saw awesome graphics and thought, hey, why don't I become a spriter? So I found many tuts over the internet and soon started my Sprite Shop. Now that I'm Spriter Supreme, I thought I'd get back to Hacking and that was just yesterday.
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