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    Full Update 3, after several sub-updates of 2.... I'm going to put news in another spoiler because I can get kinda rambly on and on and on sometimes. Like this time. Also commentary (parantheses notes I usually put in the First Encounters and Boxed and Deceased sections) will also go in New Stuff.

    But SHORT VERSION: Got Eevee. Defeated Fantina. And Rival. Got Chansey. Stuffed some Pokes in Daycare. Played at the Veilstone Game Corner a bunch.

    New Stuff!

    First of all I got an Eevee from Bebe. Female! Named her Midnight. You shall be an Umbreon! If I'm not an idiot.....
    Fantina's Mismagius was really, really tough. No, not Fantina, her Mismagius specifically. Even after some grinding on Gastly (I hope Brawlymon and other physical attackers didn't get TOO many Sp. Attack EVs....), Missy was a pain. Her Duskull and Haunter were no problem for King Kong, but then came Mismagius. I was very afraid of Psybeam so The Thing took that hit. And then I remembered about pretty shiny RAZOR SHARP UNMISSABLE FLYING LEAFS which I switched Tyrael in to eat. (By the way, he's finally happy enough to be a Togetic. Now to make Midnight and Yahtzee happy. More Yahtzee later.) Between Tyrael and Mismagius ensued a confusion war with lots of Confuse Rays beamed and Sweet Kisses blown. Finally I got that ghost confused AND asleep from Yawn. She never woke up.

    I went to heal at a PokeCenter, saved just in case, and RIVAL BATTLE ENSUES! Blah blah blah OH MY GOD KING KONG ALMOST DIED FROM A CRIT WING ATTACK - other than that, not very exciting.

    Doo dee doo Route 209 oh hey tall grass oh hey a Chansey. Attack, watch it Softboil, attack, watch it Softboil, attack, watch it Softboil, Yami No Kaabii used Rage, Tyrael used Yawn, Chansey fell asleep, Yami No Kaabii burns 5 Poke Balls to catch it. And then she draws a blank for the name. So she taps a random letter and thinks of a random word starting with that letter. She got Y. And Yahtzee. So her Chansey is a Yahtzee. What the heck....

    I skipped all the Trainers on that Route (going to come back later! don't worry!). put Useless and Godzilla (Cranidos) in the Daycare (I don't know. Maybe Useless won't be so Useless after all. Also I already have a good Rock-Type in The Thing....), biked to Veilstone, and gambled - uh, I mean played, to get coins, for TMs and stuff. And then my game froze. Like. Seriously? So I had to do it all again....

    Oh by the way the first Encounter on the Route between Solaceon (that is the Daycare City's name right?) and Veilstone was a Staravia I think. So oh well. I trying to raise too many Pokemon?

    Current Party:

    King Kong, the male Monferno (Quiet, lv 31)
    -Flame Wheel
    -Mach Punch
    -Fury Swipes

    Psyched, the female Psyduck (Hardy, lv 29)
    -Water Pulse
    -Fury Swipes

    Mockingjay, the male Staravia (Impish, lv 28)
    -Aerial Ace
    -Quick Attack

    The Thing, the male Graveler (Modest, lv 27)
    -Rock Blast
    -Rock Throw

    Sakura, the female Cherrim (Docile, lv 28)
    -Magical Leaf
    -Petal Dance
    -Sunny Day

    Brawlymon, the male Machop (Bold, lv 27)
    -Karate Chop
    -Seismic Toss

    First Encounters:

    Twinleaf Town - Lv 5 Chimchar, starter, named King Kong (alive and well)
    Route 201 - Lv 3 Starly, caught, named Mockingjay (alive and well)
    Route 202 - Lv 2 Bidoof, caught, named Justin B. (dead and kind-of-HM slave)
    Route 203 - Lv 4 Abra, fled
    Oreburgh Gate - Lv 6 Psyduck, caught, named Psyched (alive and well)
    Oreburgh Mine - Lv ? Zubat, defeated
    Route 207 - Lv 5 Geodude, caught, named The Thing (alive and well)
    Route 204 - Lv 9 Wurmple, caught, named Useless (cared for every Day)
    Floaroma Meadow (Honey Tree) - Lv 15 Cherubi, caught, named Sakura (alive and well)
    Valley Windworks - Didn't go into the grass yet because what if I get a Bidoof.... Should I wait for Drifloon?
    Route 205 - Lv 10 Shellos, defeated
    Eterna Forest - Double battle Bidoof and Buneary, defeated Bidoof and caught Buneary, named Bugs (in the other world)
    Underground - Skull Fossil Cranidos, revived, named Godzilla (cared for every Day)
    Route 211 - Lv 14 Chingling, caught, named Jingler (in the next world)
    Mt. Coronet - Lv 15 Machop, caught, named Brawlymon (alive and well)
    Eterna City - Togepi egg from Cynthia, hatched, named Tyrael (struggling to keep up in levels)
    Old Chateau - Lv 15-ish Gastly, defeated
    Route 206 - Lv 16 Geodude, defeated
    Wayward Cave - Lv 18 Geodude, defeated

    Hearthome City - Lv 20 Eevee, gifted from NPC, named Midnight (not very happy but trying to become so)
    Route 209 - Lv 17 Chansey, caught, named Yahtzee (needs moar levels)
    Route between Solaceon(?) and Veilstone: Lv 19-ish Staravia, defeated

    Boxed and Deceased:

    Useless, the male Silcoon (currently in Daycare just because)
    Godzilla, the male Cranidos (currently in Daycare)
    Tyrael, the male TogeTIC (yaay he was happy enough to grow wings)
    Midnight, the female Eevee
    Yahtzee, the female Chansey

    Justin B. - Lv 8 male Bidoof
    Rouge - Lv 5 female Zubat
    Bugs - Lv 12 male Buneary
    Jingler - Lv 23 male Chingling (Holy crack, Selfdestructing Geodudes!)

    Current Goals....

    - Like, actually DEFEAT all the Trainers I skipped between Hearthome and Veilstone
    - Underground. Must get stuff I can sell for monies.
    - Oh and Veilstone Gym too. I guess.
    - Explore Wayward Cave some more
    - Bike up and down Cyc Road to make Midnight and Yahtzee happy?

    (These are in no particular order besides my own, rather random, thoughts)

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