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    Victoria stared at the bandage for a short while, nervous and embarrassed that he had seen her hand after all. She pulled her hand out from behind her back and studied it for the first time since it happened. The knuckles bloodied, and small teeth indentations visible towards the base of the fingers. Vincent’s tenderness certainly didn’t seemed forced or insincere, and he continued to hold out his hand expectantly to bandage her hand.

    Her resiliency and determination kicked in once again. She reached out with her left hand, retrieved the roll of bandage and began to wrap it around the wound herself. Victoria winced in pain, and pulled the bandage tight after a few rotations. She bent over and tore it between her teeth, folding it over on itself to stay secure. Victoria coyly replaced the now diminished bandage roll back into Vincent's hand and folded his fingers back over it.

    “Thank you Vincent, it’s a good thing you travel prepared for....well everything I guess.” She said in a convivial tone, and flashing him probably her first unforced genuine smile since regaining consciousness.

    Archie suddenly came squawking in loudly, puffing his chest out triumphantly. He perched himself on her shoulder and studied Vincent with utmost scrutiny. His gaze steadfast like the leer of a true predator.

    “Archie!” Victoria cried out gleefully. “Did you find anything interesting?” The little Archen averted his gaze from Vincent and back to Victoria. “Ar-chen chen.” He said excitedly. “That’s great news little guy! However, it’s getting too dark, it’s probably not safe to go out there right now. Maybe you can show us where it is in the morning ok?” Archie seemed to be content with this answer, and bathed in Victoria’s praise with complete unabashed relish.

    “Alright, back in the ball little guy. You need some rest.” Victoria held up his ball, the sudden beam of light illuminating the surroundings in it’s crimson glow.

    “Vincent, we should probably get back. Would you mind just keeping this little event between us for now? There’s no sense in having to alert the others just what -exactly- happened.” She said rubbing the now bandaged hand.

    OOC: Bastian, if you want to go ahead and control some of Victoria's movements on the way back to the shelter be my guest. I trust you to keep her in-character. Just remember she can be a little stubborn at times. E.g. the self bandaging.
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