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    I Dislike many things as well in MW3 and MW2


    One Man Army, Danger Close, Noobtubes = NUKE in Terminal
    Thermal Scope
    Commando knifes across the damn map
    Final Stand
    Pain Killer


    FMG9 Akimbo's ( with steady aim you could shoot across the damn map with these things)
    Deadman's DAMN Hand ( There's no other word then the stupidest thing cod ever)
    Assassin ( Worse then Ghost)
    Type 95 ( Most overpowered 1 burst kill gun i've seen in all of COD)
    Stealth Bombers (No Skill Multi-Kill)
    Emp (Disabling all killstreaks for getting 18 kills makes no sense)
    Jugg ( I mean really getting a damn jugg for getting just 18 kills a game thats stupid)