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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent continued holding out the bandage and his hand expectantly, but he seemed surprised as Victoria simply grabbed the bandage and wrapped up her hand herself. He didn’t mind, as long as she got her hand bandaged, but it was kind of silly not letting him do it, he thought. As she placed the bandage back into his hand, he smiled lightly and packed the bandage away, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

“I didn’t pack everything. This was just what I always pack, in case my Pokémon get hurt.” At that moment, the Archen came flying from the jungle, crying out as it landed on Victoria’s shoulder. Vincent raised his brows in surprise. He hadn’t seen this kind of Pokémon before, but it seemed to belong to Victoria. He stayed quiet as it ‘reported’ back to her, and Vincent figured out that she had probably sent him scouting in the forest for… something. Food and water, probably.

Vincent smiled lightly, tilting his head a little while folding his arms across his chest, waiting until the girl had taken the bird back before nodding his head. “I understand. I won’t say a word to anyone… not that I know anyone else here, heh.” He offered a light smile as an attempted joke before nodding back towards the beach. “Come on, we better get back and finish the shelter before it gets dark.”

As they were headed back towards the shelter, Vincent cleared his throat slightly. “… It was a good idea to let your Pokémon scout out the island. Hopefully he’ll have found some food or clean water for tomorrow.” He gave Victoria a glance and another, small smile. It was clear that he wasn’t used to giving that much compliments, but he still sounded like he meant it.

As they reached the shelter again, with the girl, Bliss, that Vincent still didn’t know the name of, he gave a little nod and a smile. “Everything’s okay, don’t worry.” He glanced out over the beach, frowning a little as he was unable to see the girl from earlier, Kelsey. Turning back to Bliss he raised a brow slightly. “Hey, do you know where Kelsey went off to?”
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