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    Le Daily Update-

    >Leveled up Cherubi to a reasonable level.. then evolved
    >Destroyed all the trainers on route 210 and 215
    >Mopped the floor with Maylene and her army of karate wimps
    >beat team galactic up and got Dawn's Pokedex and got HM Fly
    >marched through route 213 and 214 no problemo
    >petal danced my way into Pastoria gym
    >followed team galactic and got interupted by my CENSORED rival
    >defeated rival with no problem
    >stalked team galactic and showed him a lesson in pain
    >got "secret" drugs from miss champion
    >Went to safari to look for a carnivine

    Torterra- Level 36 [Moves- Bite, Earthquake, Curse, Razor Leaf]
    Roselia- Level 35 [Moves- Grass Knot, Ingrain, Mega Drain, Stun Spore]
    Cherrim- Level 33 [Moves- Tackle, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf]

    Still waiting for a carnivine


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