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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    No he doesn't regress. He has the same maturity as the last season he was in. Currently he is as mature as he was in Sinnoh. Which is more mature than when he started in Kanto. A lot of his tactics is his personal views on battles. He likes to challenge himself so he purposefully chooses match ups that are bad for him.

    He even taught a child how to use his Pokemon so the kid could have a Pokemon battle with his friends in one episode. He has made a huge leap forward since beginning and is a completely different trainer than when he first started. He just likes to take unnecessary risks in battle just to see what would happen.

    He hasn't evolved that much since Sinnoh I think... It was the moment to really change it, I mean, they wanted a new departure for him so it was the opportunity, wasn't it? But no, it's just another season with a ten years old Ash. If it's always like that Pokémon anime could be endless, with the lack of scenario, it's real pity for a so fabulous universe, even though they have so many means ... And of course he's more mature than when he started in Kanto, but the fact that he was so childish at that time doesn't bother since he was a young boy that was just starting his adventure ! Now that scenario that occurs almost each new season again becomes boring.