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Success! Mr Greyson is truly annoyed and probably thinks that Candice is up to something. Maybe that wasn't a complete success. But at least it will take some time before he has finished gathering up his posters and barge inside. Only to see the mess there. Yeah, the diversion is a success.


You just trapped Vieve's twin brother in his own room. Feelings of fear are probably welling up inside him now. Either that, or he's just plain grumpy and decides to sit around not doing anything constructive for a while until someone explains this mess to him. So, mission successful. Let's hope that he doesn't peek up through the hole in the roof and sees the orange sky and the impending doom getting closer...


For some reason, it doesn't seem like the Kernelsprite wants to avoid a kitten jumping at it. Tiberius and the Kernelsprite collide in a blinding flash of light. When your eyes manage to see clearly again, the floating ball is no longer a floating ball. It's a hovering kitten's head. Still flashing in black, white and violet.

PS: This is a lot to take in.
PS: Carve a Totem?
PS: Man, you couldn’t tell me this before I ran up the stairs?
PS: Fine, fine.
PS: My friend? Which one? They’re going through this?

VB: I know it is. You'll get used to all the strangeness eventually.
VB: And no, you didn't have a computer downstairs.
VB: The tomboy. Candice.
VB: Chatting with the others will have to wait, though. Concentrate on me and Ricardo.
VB: Oh.
VB: You prototyped your sprite without my help. That's impressive.
VB: Congratulations. It seems you now have the Kittensprite.

Kittensprite? So this person knows the name of your friends, but not the name of your pets. Clearly, this is - if anything - the TIBERIUSPRITE. Merging the Kernelsprite with a kitten seems to have made it more playful.

VB: But this means that you are ready to go.
VB: Ready to enter the Medium. And don't try to refuse. Because you'll have to enter.
VB: Look up and you'll see why.

This time you do look up. Into the sky, not into your ceiling. And you see that the sky isn't as blue and calm anymore. A flaming inferno is falling down through the sky. Straight towards you. A meteor. The sky is turning into a creepy, orange color. It can't be more than a few minutes until the impact. Minutes... like the countdown on the Cruxtruder!

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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