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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    As for the DS games, I believe the best program out there is something called PPRE, or Project Pokemon's ROM editor. It functions for the DS games similarly to how Gamer2020's Pokemon Game Editor functions for the GBA games; As a sort of tool that calls other tools. It's a little clunky, since its only at version 0.14, but it seems to get the job done.

    I'm only a noob at DS ROM hacking myself (I just started trying it a few days ago), so my info might be somewhat outdated. I believe that most aspects of the games are editable, but maps seem to be one of the harder, or least documented, aspect of hacking the DS Games. Other useful tools I've seen so far are PokeTex, which edits OWs (in a much more hard-to-understand way, nothing like XSE or Overworld Editor RE), and a program to look at .narc files, which are all the files inside of a DS game (I have NDS Editor).

    This meager amount of info I've only gained from poking around here, so Google is your friend in this case. While it might not turn up as many hits as looking up info on GBA tutorials and tools, someone's probably done a fair amount of investigation on whatever you need (as such, the most-known about games are probably D/P, and the least-known about are probably B2/W2).

    Good Luck!

    Edit: PPRE works best for D/P/Pt, although a couple of its tools work with HG/SS.

    Thanks mate definitely look into it. Okay, how can i add a new house into a city? I made one on Advance Map, but how do I make the inside and stuff? But when i go to the door it doesn't open or anything. Thanks in advance.