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Originally Posted by Zupplu View Post
Okay, how can i add a new house into a city? I made one on Advance Map, but how do I make the inside and stuff? Thanks.
For starters, every single map you enter is a single map in A-Map. So, the make a new 'inside' for a house, you'll have to make a new map, which you'll have to connect to the outside of your house. Here's how:

First, have a look at the different tabs in A-Map.
For starters, you'll need to confirm what movement permissions you need to have, and what kind of tile for entering (for just you normal house, the entire house needs to be set to 1, and door tiles automatically have the correct function for warps to work), then, you'll have to figure out where to put your 'warp' event: the thing that lets you teleport to another map, in this case the inside of your house. You could just check some other houses (clicking on the 'events' tab will show you all events on a map: people, signs, warps, and scripts), but for doors the general rule is to put them on top of the door tile.

Then, you'll have to select your warp, and tell it where it needs to go: it will ask for a warp #, a map #, and bank #, which really speak for itself. Of course, this means the inside of the house needs to have a warp as well, which (in normal cases) points right back to the one on the outside of your house.

Well, that's pretty much it, hope it helped.