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Pokemon Awoken Legend is my first game made in RMXP. This game consists new places, two new regions and new adventure.


Your father, once a great trainer.. He had beaten all the elite 4 members and he was a great trainer. But he wanted to be the most powerful trainer in the world. In the greed to be the powerful he got involved with an evil organisation known as Team Daemon, whose goal was to awken all Legendary Pokémon that had been hypnotized into a dreamless sleep for the time when they would be called upon... and your father's goal was to catch Zekrom and Reshiram to be the most powerful. Team Daemon used the powers of a magical magician called Bilod whose psychic ability outshone those with any powers what-so-ever... Using his powers to force the Legendaries to sleep, capturing them was easy for Team Daemon but all the Pokémon escaped from their power and flew towards the Cyclone region. When your father was fighting with Zekrom, a member of Team Daemon attacked your father and killed him. Zekrom used his special attack and all the Pokémons escaped from there. Then the Cyclone Region became like hell.

A group of heroes once stood up to the challenge of stopping any plans Team Daemon had and made it their mission to stop all Legendary Pokémon... Unfortunately, they were too late, Team Daemon's plans have been kept a secret for years and It was the time to capture the Pokémons... With this, there was no stopping the rampage Team Daemon was causing, running through towns, cities and villages like they're built with a deck of cards...

After the destruction caused by the Pokémons all People die because of hunger and thrust. But you are protected by Professor Simon. There is a Time machine which was made by a great scientist 100 of years ago. You have to go to the past to solve the mistake your father did and not to repeat it again. There you are given the chance to follow in your fathers footsteps and maybe become the hero he once was and be a protector of yourself and family for when Team Daemon have the feel for world domination.

Prof.Simon gives all new trainers the choice of 3 Pokémon, the Sinnoh Starters, You must engage in 8 gyms, collecting 8 badges to compete in a Pokémon League that is held in Soul City... Using your Pokémon to challenge these leaders and capture new friends...and stop Team Daemon's plan. This wonderful world awaits.




Poccil for Pokemon Essentials
Rayquza - Some tilesets
Nickoolose - For my help


I want some spriter and some scripters for my game to be finished fully. So, if any one is interested then they can send me a message and can add me as friend.
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