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    Another update below are the details.

    Implementation of Poisonpowder / Poison Gas / Belly Drum / Aerial Ace / Shadow Punch / Magical Leaf / Shock Wave / Faint Attack / Swift / Night Shade / Seismic Toss / Self Destruct / Explosion / Poison Fang / Blaze Kick / Refresh / Hyper Beam / Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon / Frenzy Plant / Struggle / Take Down / Submission.
    Animation added for Selfdestruct & Thundershock.
    The chat window no longer displays >100 messages. Reduces CPU / memory usage.
    Fixed broadcasting EVs after leveling.
    Fixed a bug where preturn effects like Burn would not earn you EXP if it caused your opponent to faint.
    Fixed a bug where the client would ask you to swap in a pokemon if the enemy's party had fainted.
    Out of Battle move learning.
    Sound is now defaulted to On.
    Fixed a render issue which would cause jerkiness at low FPS.
    Fixed a bug where you could learn the same move more than once.
    Fixed a bug where evolved pokemon would not attempt to learn moves the same turn they were evolved in.
    Fixed a crash with certain player inputs.
    Possible fix for a crash when players switch pokemon in-battle.
    Fixed a rare crash with the right click menu.
    Fixing the issue where it would lock up client on pokemon swap while in battle with trainers sometimes.
    Fixed rare crash due to lack of movement synchronization
    Fixed so it doesn't show message of stat changes if pokemon did faint with damage effect.
    Nameplates should be centered above character now.
    Implemented scripting for the 3rd gym.
    Fixed bug with music playing for 10 seconds after you have closed the game.
    Fixed a bug where the right number of pokéballs were not displayed when fighting other trainers.
    A PokeMMO worth playing