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Welcome, Element0 and Arbok!

My opinion on the topic is-

Useful Dog- Zoroark. I used it as a prominent member of my team in Black, after trading for it because I was too lazy to get the event . I trained it from level 1 to around 70, and it became very useful, for me, anyway.

Useful Cat- I'd say Mewtwo, but that'd be cheating! TBH I really didn't use cats much, so yeah. If Absol counts as a cat, then Absol. It is quite good to use for a pokemon for catching others because it has False Swipe.

Useless Dog- Lillipup. It's just kind of pointless.

Useless Cat- Meowth cuz it's so crappy, and maybe Glameow. I love Glameow, but it's useless because it's almost impossible to find...