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    I encounter a strange time phenomana and it has took me back to the start of my adventure, all the acts of evil, all the badges everything has gone, and even as I recount this, memories fade - but all I remember is my name, Zagan - and that I am a Team Rocket operative in the Unova region and I will once more take the Team Rocket banner and capture all the legendary monsters for the might of Team Rocket!

    (ooc bit, I messed up a code and it locked me out my pokemon boxes, so ive had to start again, but its a good thing in a way, i can go back to stealing trainers pokemon)

    • Picked Snivy
    • Beat Bianca
    • Beat Cheren
    • got to first town
    • Beat N
    • Got to place with first gym badge
    • stole Chen's tepig
    • Acquired Panpour
    • Stole Chili's Pansear
    Update 2:

    • Got Trio Badge
    • Beat Chern
    • Stole a random Pansage
    • Stole a random Woobat, evolved one level later
    • got to necrene city
    • got Basic Badge
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