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There is no download link available, because there is no beta released yet. I am however almost done with CASTILE CITY, and once I am, I will post a mega huge update, that would show off all my work from the summer time 8)

In other news, please support Koolboyman's Rom Hacking Charity, I myself have donated, and I hope others will do as well. Koolboyman will be having an online 24 live hour stream, and it will be starting real soon. Koolboyman will also be playing Pokemon Light :D I warned him, and anyone who would be viewing not to Judge Light for any of it's bugs/mistakes, I never beta tested, or went back to look for any mistakes. There are most definitely a lot of empty houses, and NPC that do not say anything, a long with some spelling/grammar mistakes that I haven't fixed yet. Hoping this charity does well, and hope you guys watch it, while he plays Light. :D
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